Engaging God in Conversation Is Like ABC

This Course contains Teaching, Videos and Workbook Excercises To Help Your Conversation With God In No Time

  • Engaging God in Conversation Is Like ABC

    God Desires to Speak to You and Me Through Many Channels God wants to speak to you and me. He has always desired to commune with us right from the garden of Eden until man sinned. Jesus came to bridge and restore that linkage. Today, ALL of us can engage in conversation with Him. We just need to learn how, just like we learn every other thing in this world. This communication line can be broken even today as a result of disobedience to Gods instruction through engaging with us by His Holy Spirit, His word in the scriptures and a host of other channels. Listening and acting on instruction requires a heart of FAITH and ability to lower ones, “I can do it or I can handle it” mindset. It requires that we key into Him 24/7 of the day as we sleep, as we walk, as we engage with the world. Remember, we are first spirit, that can engage with the spirit world, we live in body that engages with the physical world and we have a soul that rule our emotions, records our engages and interpret what we hear and perceive from the two realms. Hence the need to have it renewed continually. It is the battlefield. Guide it with the word continually.

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